Pizza fruits de mer

The pizza is a great source, especially when we want to prepare a quick and tasty dinner without too many complications in the kitchen. It is delicious with all kinds of ingredients and seafood are not an exception. In this recipe, we propose to elaborate it with shrimp and mussel meat, but we can easily replace these ingredients with other fish or seafood. As the result we have a pizza with exquisite marine flavor that will please everyone from young to an old age.



  • 1 bag of PUD (Peeled Undeveined) red shrimp 500g Grand Krust
  • 4 pizza bases,
  • 200 g tomato puree,
  • 500 g grated mozzarella,
  • 1 green Italian pepper,
  • 100g black olives,
  • 100 g mussel meat,
  • 1 clove garlic,
  • 1 chilli,
  • olive oil,
  • oregano,
  • salt
Nutritional information


  • Energy 650
  • Proteins18.2
  • Carbohydrates 12
  • Fats13.5


Step by Step

1 step_img_1

We put a pan with a dash of olive oil over the fire and, when it warms up, we golden the clove of garlic and chilli.

2 step_img_2

When the garlic is golden, add the peeled shrimp tails, spiced to our taste, sauté for a few seconds and remove the pan from the fire so that the prawns will finish the cooking with the residual heat.

3 step_img_3

Put the pizza base on a tray and cover the pizza base with tomato puree, leaving margins nearly a finger size. We add a little oregano and the grated mozzarella all over the pizza base.

4 step_img_4

Put the shrimps, mussels, cut peppers and olives above the pizza.

5 step_img_5

We cook it in the oven at full power until the mozzarella is melted and gets lightly browned.
Depending on the oven, in approximately 7 minutes.

Tips Practical Advice

If we want our pizza to be extremely tasty, we can mix mozzarella with different others types of cheese to get a delicious flavour.

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