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Behind every Grand Krust product, there is more than 50 years of experience, a passion for fishing, product quality, innovation in its handling, and respect for the sea. We believe in a more sustainable, and thus, more prosperous world. And more delicious, naturally. Give us a try!

A delicious, surprising, unbeatable range

We specialise in prawns, shrimps, argentine red shrimp, scarlet shrimp, and scampi, whether in the top waters or the deep, wild or raised, raw or cooked, peeled or unpeeled, whole or portioned, alone or accompanied. We use them in the preparation of sauces, Chinese and Japanese dumplings (gyoza, har gow, shumai), fried rice, stir fried medleys, lasagne, croquettes, cannelloni, fajitas, and more. And we have a new BIO line! Click here for more mouth-watering options!

Elías Suárez Garmendia en la pasada edición Seafood Expo Global 2019

Krustagroup wants to thank the support and affection received

From Grupo Amasua and Krustagroup we want to thank the support and affection received after the decease of our President and Founder, Amador Suárez Villa.


Elías Suárez Garmendia, new Chairman of Grupo Amasua S.A. and Krustagroup S.A.U.

The appointment guarantees stability and a consistent line of business for the Group in the long term

Scampi skewers with shiitake mushrooms
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We are a spanish brand with an international vocation. The globe is our operating board. Discover where on the planet we operate and how we do it.