Baked eggs and shrimp



  • 400 g. Grand Krust Argentinean red shrimp
  • 1 leek
  • 100 g. of peas
  • 8 eggs
  • ½ litre of cooking cream
  • Salt
  • White pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Fresh chives
Nutritional information


  • Energy 0
  • Proteins0
  • Carbohydrates 0
  • Fats0
P&D Raw Argentine Red Shrimp Tail-Off

You'll need to

P&D Raw Argentine Red Shrimp Tail-Off Spectrum The Wild Taste

Step by Step

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To begin, clean the leek and chop it finely. Next, fry the leek and the peas in olive oil until they’re soft, but before they take on any colour. Continue by adding the shrimp and seasoning to taste.

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At this point, the white from the yolk of the egss and mix the egg white with the cooking cream and add to the sauce. Spice with pepper and nutmeg, then fill the ramekins.

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Add a couple of the yolks, cover the ramekins and bake for 170 ºC for 15 minutes. Once this time has passed, remove the dishes from the oven, decorate with fresh chives and serve. Bon appetite!

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